A Message from our Former President & CEO

To Health New England Associates, Members and Community Partners: 

I want to start with an acknowledgment that during this difficult period of the COVID-19 pandemic, as members of our community and our workforce, we are now faced with another difficult and emotional experience. I share in the anguish that many feel about George Floyd, a black man who was killed in police custody in Minnesota.

There is not one media outlet or kitchen table in America that will escape a discussion about the tragic death of George Floyd and previous instances of injustice against unarmed black citizens in our nation. We know this outrage has resulted in calls for action by people of all backgrounds, including Health New England associates. We recognize that the death of George Floyd shook people of conscience throughout the country and the world. And it should. And it is overdue. 

I have felt outraged and even sad, and I choose to put my intrinsic feelings towards a positive outlet of duty to help others and to be active in a change agenda. This is where healing starts. And we can do more. We will do more. 

Since our inception, Health New England has been committed to our mission of being the most trusted health plan in our community. We are proud of our history and we have decades of experience partnering with organizations who guide and inform our work around social determinants of health, diversity and inclusivity. We share our resources widely and we work to alleviate suffering and provide resources that have often been elusive. 

I want to make it clear that Health New England is committed to doing the right thing. To live our mission. We will aim higher to create an environment of trust and equity, address health disparities, and advance health outcomes for all by: 

  • Using our corporate platform to work ethically every day. And to raise awareness and response around health disparities with community leaders.
  • Raising awareness and having dialogue about our core values, our actions and our perspectives on how we are different and why that is our most valuable asset at Health New England. 
  • Continuing to promote diversity in our recruitment and retention efforts and strengthen our identity as a workplace that welcomes diversity. 
  • Improving our responsiveness with diverse and purposeful initiatives to advance health outcomes for all members of our community. 
  • Strengthening our policies and practices of community giving and working with our community partners to advance systematic and meaningful solutions of health impacted by social influences, including racism, in our community. 

On behalf of this organization, I want to state clearly that we stand with our Black community. Our associates, our members, our neighbors… we will speak up for and act on what is right and we will be a voice against systematic racism and injustice.

On behalf of myself and Health New England’s leadership team, stay safe and be well. 

Marion A. McGowan, PhD
Former President and Chief Executive Officer

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