Original Medicare
Won't cover all of your Medical expenses
(and it could leave you with expensive bills to pay)

Our Medicare plans provide greater coverage than Original Medicare and can feature additional benefits for services such as fitness, dental and hearing aids.

Health New England Medicare Supplement

Do you see doctors outside of the area? Do you travel often? Do you live part of year outside of Massachusetts? Do you have Original Medicare and want to supplement the gaps in coverage?

If you answered “yes” to any or all of these questions, then one of our Medicare Supplement plans may be right for you.

With a Health New England Medicare Supplement plan:
  • You can keep your Original Medicare Part A and Part B coverage and have many of your cost-sharing amounts paid for. Medicare Supplement helps pay for deductibles, coinsurance and copayments on Medicare-covered services – typically the remaining 20 percent of your medical bill once Medicare pays.
  • You don’t need referrals to see specialists, nor is a primary care provider (PCP) required.
  • You don’t need prior authorizations for services if they are covered by Medicare.
  • You can see a doctor anywhere in the United States and U.S. territories as long as the provider, doctor or hospital accepts Original Medicare. 
  • You get worldwide emergency coverage.
  • You can join a separate stand-alone Part D prescription drug plan.

Plus, our Medicare Supplement 1 plan offers additional benefits not covered by Original Medicare. These include a $150 reimbursement for fitness and/or Weight Watchers ® per calendar year, and, new for 2018, an acupuncture allowance.  


Monthly Premium
Doctor Office/Annual Exam
Diagnostic Tests (Lab Tests, X-Rays, & Other Tests)
Specialists Office Visits
Worldwide Emergency Coverage
Dental and EyeWear Allowance
Fitness, Weight Watchers®, Acupuncture
and Over-the-Counter Items Allowance

Supplement Core

Part B Deductible
Part B Deductible
Part B Deductible


Supplement 1



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