Health New England Medicare Advantage

If you only have Original Medicare Part A and Part B, you are missing out on coverage and benefits that your red, white and blue card just doesn’t offer.

Health New England Medicare Advantage plans offer greater coverage and benefits than Original Medicare, and they won’t leave you with expensive out-of-pocket costs. 

  • Our Medicare Advantage plans protect you against high medical expenses through an out-of-pocket maximum – a set amount above which all of your medical expenses will be covered. Original Medicare does not offer this protection. 
  • Many of our Medicare Advantage plan options include prescription drug coverage, providing a simple all-in-one solution. Original Medicare does not offer drug coverage; you must purchase it separately. 
  • With Health New England Medicare Advantage, you will receive additional benefits such as world-wide emergency coverage, allowances for vision, dental, fitness and acupuncture, and thousands of dollars in savings on hearing aids. Original Medicare does not offer these additional benefits. 



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Medicare can be confusing. Here are some answers to the most common questions about Medicare.



Watch our 25 minute "Medicare Made Easy" video, which explains the different parts and considerations of Medicare.


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Last updated 10/1/20