Become a Provider

Your practice/service address must be within our geographical service area of Western Mass and Worcester counties.  

If you currently are not affiliated with one of Health New England’s Provider Hospital Organizations (PHO) and would like to become a Health New England participating provider, please submit a Letter of Interest (LOI).

Please Note:

DME Providers: Health New England (HNE) is in partnership with Northwood, Inc. in the management of durable medical equipment, prosthetics, orthotics and medical supplies (DMEPOS) for all Plan members. If you would like to be a participating provider in the Northwood network for the HNE Program, please reach out directly to Northwood Provider Affairs at: Northwood Inc. | Providers

Telehealth-Only Providers: If you provide telehealth services only, we recommend that you look into becoming a contracted provider with Teladoc, with whom HNE sub-contracts for telehealth services. As a contracted provider with Teladoc, you would be eligible to provide telehealth services to HNE members as well as members of other health plans that also utilize Teladoc.

Provider applications can be submitted online at Teladoc:

Medicaid/MassHealth Behavioral Health: Health New England works with the Massachusetts Behavioral Health Partnership (MBHP) for Behavioral Health services for our Medicaid/MassHealth products (BeHealthy Partnership plans). 

You will need to reach out to MBHP (Massachusetts Behavioral Health Partnership) directly via their website at:, via telephone at 1-800-397-1630, or via email at:

Chiropractic Providers: Please reach out to Optum directly via email to Kristin Kane at

If you would like to proceed, please click here to submit the LOI form. Incomplete submissions will be rejected.

Completing the LOI form does not constitute an acceptance into our network.

If you have questions about becoming a participating provider, please contact our Provider Contracting Department directly at, or call 413-233-3000 ext. 3175