Provider Relations Key Contacts

For all questions or concerns, contact our Provider Relations team at (413) 787-4000 or (800) 842-4464, extension 5000 or click on the e-mail link under our team's name to contact us electronically.

   Mary Humel
Senior Provider Relations Representative
(413) 233-3401   
  Heidi Fijal
Senior Provider Relations Representative
(413) 233-3410 
Mary Santiago
Senior Provider Relations Representative
(413) 233-3463  

Or you can e-mail our team at

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Important Vendor Contacts

eviCore (Formally MedSolutions)
(888) 693-3211

American Medical Response (AMR)
(866) 585-6438

Massachusetts Behavioral Health Partnership (MBHP)
(800) 495-0086

Magellan Rx Management

(800) 424-8325

(888) 676-7768