Community Giving Requests

We are working to bring you an enhanced Request Form that will allow you to select the type of giving request for which you are applying; a Community Benefit Giving or Sponsorship.

All funding requests must be made using our online Request Form below. Only applications for support in which the funding remains in Health New England’s service area will be considered. Organizations that do not include defined outcome metrics as part of their submission will not be eligible for funding.

We will prioritize Community Giving awards to organizations that offer programs to address specific health priorities and certain determinants of health, as identified in our Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) Report. In an effort to support our mission and improve the health status and quality of life of people living in our service area, we will prioritize funding decisions for programs that support these health-related priorities:

  • Food security, nutrition, and access to healthy food options
  • Physical activity programs
  • Behavioral health/mental health, substance use disorder
  • Infant, child and maternal preventive health
  • Early education, literacy and higher education for at-risk youth
  • Resources to meet basic needs
  • Institutional racism
  • Chronic health conditions
  • Housing conditions

We offer two types of Community Giving awards:

  • Community Benefits Giving – These awards support a nonprofit organization’s program or initiative intended to produce a measurable outcome over the period of one year. The program or initiative must support one of Health New England’s health priorities as listed above. Program outcome measures must be defined and outlined in the Request Form and supplied to Health New England upon request. Awards not to exceed $5,000.
  • Sponsorships – These awards support a nonprofit organization’s one-time event or activity that will create positive corporate awareness and corporate citizenship for Health New England. Awards not to exceed $2,500.

    Funding restrictions

    We do not fund:
    • Direct delivery of reimbursable health care services
    • Grants to individuals
    • Private foundations, endowment campaigns or capital campaigns
    • Programs operated by religious organizations for religious purposes
    • Schools and school sports teams, athletic programs
    • Tours, travel and related expenses
    • Organizations whose practices are not in keeping with our company’s equal opportunity policy
    • Political causes or events
    • Operational expenses or financial deficits
    • Funding for clinical research
    • Projects that do not benefit Massachusetts residents
    • Organizations that are not tax exempt under IRS section 501c3

    We require that all funding requests be made using our online Request Form, and we no longer accept funding requests sent to us by mail, email or fax. If you have questions, please contact

Request Form

Note: You will need to include a current, signed W-9 tax form with your organization's sponsorship request. If you do not have a current one available, download a blank W-9 tax form to complete it.