Community Benefits Request
At Health New England, we are deeply committed to improving the health and lives of people in our community. We are part of the fabric of our cities and towns, the places in which we live and work, and the people who drive change for the better. Through the efforts of our Community Benefits Program, we touch the lives of thousands of people that reside within the communities we serve.

Our community benefit awards are prioritized to organizations that offer programs or initiatives that address to specific health priorities and target populations as identified in our  Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) Report.

We are now accepting 2020 submissions

Our Community Benefits Review Committee meets quarterly (January, April, July and October) and asks that all 2020 community benefit requests be submitted by the first of each quarter for consideration. Awards typically do not exceed $5,000.

We require that all funding requests be made using our online Request Form, and we no longer accept funding requests sent to us by mail, email or fax. 

Note: You will need to include a current, signed W-9 tax form with your request form. If you do not have a current one available, download a blank W-9 tax form to complete it.

Have an innovative program that improves the health of people who live and work in our communities? View our Where Health Matters Grant Program page to learn more about how your organization can partner with us.