Sponsorship Requests

All funding requests to Health New England need to be made online using the form below. Only applications for support in which the funding remains in the Health New England service area will be considered.

It is also important for us to understand the impact our funding is having on the community and target populations. All organizations or events that receive approval will be required to provide Health New England with outcome metrics upon completion of the event or program. For example, the number of books distributed and the demographics of the population that received them; the number of people screened; or the number of people attending an event. Organizations that do not submit outcome metrics will not be eligible for future funding.

Please note: Health New England intends to award priority funding to new proposals or continuation or expansion of existing programs that address one or more of the issues in the following areas:

  • Preventive health and social services for infants and children
  • Programs that improve access to good nutrition and/or promote physical activity
  • Preventive health and social services programs
  • Literacy and education

If you have questions, please contact sponsorships@hne.com.

Sponsorship Form

Note: You will need to include a current, signed W-9 tax form with your organization's sponsorship request. If you do not have a current one available, download a blank W-9 tax form to complete it.