DEIB Subcommittees

The Health New England Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB) Committee oversees Subcommittees formed to execute the DEIB Strategic Plan and Pillar objectives. The following Subcommittees have been established with these stated purposes:

  • Strategic Planning: Serves as the steering and governance body for the DEIB Committee and provides direction and oversight toward Committee goals and strategic objectives.
  • Learning Development: Supports the DEIB Committee’s educational goals under the Associate Engagement Pillar by assessing DEIB survey data to develop an educational curriculum that will increase associate understanding and integration of DEIB concepts, incorporating the Dignity Model as the DEIB core educational foundation.
  • Recruiting and Retention: Advancing the Pillar 3 Recruiting and Retention goals toward increasing and retaining diverse talent through a variety of objectives and strategies, in consultation with Human Resources Talent Acquisition Specialists.