Incentive & Reimbursement Programs

At Health New England, we know you work hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Whether you are going to the gym, running a 5K road race, working to maintain a healthy diet and weight, or trying to quit tobacco use, we want to help you be successful. That’s why we have incentive and reimbursement programs to help support all that you are doing.

Wellness Reimbursement

You and your covered family members could receive reimbursement for the following:*

  • Aerobic/wellness classes (class instructors must be certified)
  • Athletic event registration fees (i.e., 5K, half-marathon, Tough Mudder, triathlons, etc.)
  • Bike shares
  • Community supported agriculture (CSA) or farm shares
  • Fitness equipment and devices (i.e., treadmill, workout videos, fitbit)
  • Golf (greens fees)
  • Mindfulness classes and apps (including Levelhead for Real Life app)
  • Noom (weight loss program)
  • Nutrition classes and apps
  • Personal trainer fees (personal trainers must be certified)
  • Qualifying fitness club memberships (must have cardiovascular and strength training exercise equipment included in the membership)
  • School and town sports
  • Ski tickets
  • WW (formerly Weight Watchers®)
  • Wellness and fitness apps

Maximum reimbursement is $200 individual / $400 family per calendar year.*

Health New England will not reimburse you for:

  • Classes or personal training sessions with uncertified trainers
  • Fees paid to weight loss programs other than WW® or Noom
  • Country clubs, social clubs, or tanning salons
  • Vitamins, supplements
  • Fees paid for food (food source not from CSA), books, transportation, smartphones or smart watches, or any other items or services
  • Kids' camps (i.e., art, bible, town, etc.). We will cover sports camps if they are run by certified coaches/trainers.
  • Requests received later than March 31 of the following year.

To submit your fitness reimbursement request online, use our simple Wellness Reimbursement Form by logging into the  myHealthNewEngland Member Portal. You will find a link to the form by clicking "Forms" in the left navigation menu.

You also can call Member Services to request a form at (413) 787-4004 or toll-free at (800) 310-2835.

*Not all employer groups offer reimbursement for all items and activities listed. Not all employer groups offer this reimbursement. Please check your membership materials for details, or contact Member Services if you need more information.

Healthy Choices Rewards Program

Healthy Choices is designed to help you become a master of your health. By completing a few simple health activities during the year, you will gain a better understanding of your health and learn ways to better manage it. We encourage and reward you for taking important steps to improve and maintain your health.

Get Rewarded For Making Healthy Choices

Start earning points toward $25-$1000 in rewards when you complete the health activities outlined below:
  • Complete your Health Assessment
  • Complete Your Biometrics Screening
  • Participate and successfully complete Health Activities for the current calendar year

How the Healthy Choices Member Wellness Program Works

Step 1: Complete your Health Assessment to earn points towards raffle prizes.*
Step 2: Complete your Biometrics Screening to earn points towards raffle prizes.*
Step 3: Complete Health Activities and earn points towards raffle prizes.* 

*Restrictions apply:

  • You must be 18 years or older and have a valid Health New England Membership ID to be entered into any raffle.
  • You must be an HNE Plan Member on the date of the raffle drawing to be eligible for prizes.
  • Program applies to HNE’s Fully Funded and Self-Funded group insurance membership only.
  • Not all employer groups have program access. Have your benefits administrator contact the Healthy Directions team at to learn more about the program.

Tobacco Cessation Reimbursement

Have you been contemplating quitting tobacco use? As a Health New England member, you can now take advantage of our tobacco cessation program without having any prior health conditions. Health New England wants to help you achieve your goals and, as an added incentive, we will reimburse you up to $50 for attending a tobacco cessation class or hypnosis session.

Use the form below to apply for your tobacco cessation reimbursement and find a tobacco cessation program near you. This form has further instructions and details of what activities meet the reimbursement criteria.

You also can call Member Services to request a form at (413) 787-4004 or (800) 310-2835.

We’re adding new programs all the time, so be sure to check back often.

If you have any questions or would like reference materials related to the activities above, please contact the Health Management Program Department at

All information contained on this website, including the preventive health recommendations, is for general information purposes only and should not be considered medical advice. For specific information or advice relating to your medical needs, please consult your primary care provider.