Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging

Where We Work. Where We Matter.

Our DEIB Mission

Health New England is committed to improving the health and lives of people of our community, both in our workplace and for our members, as it applies to individuals of all races, genders, sexual orientations, religions, and levels of ability, so that all people feel Where you Matter. By all, for all.


Health New England's Five Pillars for DEIB

Health New England has always stood behind our mission of improving the health and lives of the peoples in our communities, both in our workplace and in our work. Beginning in 2020, a year in which longstanding racial and ethnic inequities were exacerbated by the public health crises of racial violence and the COVID-19 pandemic, Health New England started actively considering ways we can do more to combat these inequities, both in our workplace and in our work.

To formalize our unambiguous commitment to advancing Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB), we established a new Pillar as part of our corporate strategic plan: Health New England's 5-Pillar Call to Action, which forms the foundation of our DEIB Committee and multi-pronged strategic approach to embedding DEIB into our mission, operations, and values. We established our DEIB Committee and Subcommittees and engaged a DEIB Consultant to support us in continuing to develop our strategic initiatives. Read more about our Pillar approach and the milestones we have reached toward each Pillar’s objectives below.


Pillar 1

Raising awareness and having dialogue about our core values, our actions and our perspectives on how we are different and why that is our most valuable asset at Health New England.


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Pillar 2

Using our corporate platform to work ethically every day. And to raise awareness and response around health disparities with community leaders.


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Pillar 3

Continuing to promote diversity in our recruitment and retention efforts and strengthen our identity as a workplace
that welcomes diversity.


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Pillar 4

Improving our responsiveness with diverse and purposeful initiatives to advance health outcomes for all members of our community.


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Pillar 5

Strengthening our policies and practices of community giving and working with our community partners to advance systematic and meaningful solutions of health impacted by social influences, including racism, in our community.